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Author: D. Liakin


A. Kozodaev et al., “Some Ways of Resolve of the ADS Linacs-Drivers Technical Problems”, in Proc. 3rd Asian Particle Accelerator Conf. (APAC'04), Gyeongju, Korea, Mar. 2004, paper THP21001, pp. XX-XX.
M. Dolinska et al., “Emittance measurements at the new UNILAC-pre-stripper using a pepper-pot with a PC-controlled CCD-camera”, in Proc. 4th European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators (DIPAC'99), Chester, UK, May 1999, paper PT07, pp. XX-XX.
S. Barabin, P. Forck, T. Giacomini, D. Liakin, A. Orlov, and V. Skachkov, “DEVELOPMENT OF A PERMANENT MAGNET RESIDUAL GAS PROFILE MONITOR WITH FAST READOUT”, in Proc. 19th Russian Particle Accelerator Conf. (RuPAC'04), Dubna, Russia, Oct. 2004, paper WEHP36, pp. XX-XX.
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