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Author: T. Stapf


R. Zennaro, M. Bopp, A. Citterio, R. Reiser, and T. Stapf, “C-band RF Pulse Compressor for SwissFEL”, in Proc. 4th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'13), Shanghai, China, May 2013, paper WEPFI059, pp. 2827-2829.
T. Schmidt, M. Bruegger, C. Calvi, H. Joehri, A. Keller, and T. Stapf, “SwissFEL U15 Prototype Design and First Results”, in Proc. 34th Int. Free Electron Laser Conf. (FEL'12), Nara, Japan, Aug. 2012, paper THPD64, pp. 666-669.
U. Ellenberger et al., “The SwissFEL C-band RF Pulse Compressor: Manufacturing and Proof of Precision by RF Measurements”, in Proc. 36th Int. Free Electron Laser Conf. (FEL'14), Basel, Switzerland, Aug. 2014, paper THP056, pp. 859-863.
X. Wang, H. Joehri, F. Loehl, M. Pedrozzi, and T. Stapf, “Structural Dynamic Modelling and Measurement of SwissFEL Bunch Compressor”, in Proc. 9th Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation Conf. (MEDSI'16), Barcelona, Spain, Sep. 2016, pp. 128-132.
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